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Mark in December 2006

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Pictures of Mark below taken on Christmas eve day, December 24th.




Eating yogurt and being messy about it.






In front of our Christmas tree.

And the stockings were hung, with Mark's socks to added to it.  (He thru the 2 white socks, 1 on the center Christmas stocking, and 1 on the right.)
Dad watched Mark throw the socks on the stockings.  Took him a few tries as this was a foot over his head and had a small table in front of this nativity and stocking display.  At least nothing broke this year with his decorating.  Last Christmas, he threw some toys into the tree and broke an ornament.


Still in pajama's by front door.


Playing with cars on his table in front of the Christmas tree.




Sitting on chair after lunch.






Playing with toy.



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