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Mark in June 2006

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Pictures and videos of Mark below taken on June 1st and 3rd.


Video of him scurrying from the family room into the kitchen.
(3 seconds long at 983KB)


Hmm, what shall I play with next.


I found a ball.


Video of him saying baby, ball, car, (cat did not come out very well), then baby, bye bye (with a wave), then hi and has some chocolate pudding.
(37 seconds long at 9MB)


June 1st above and June 3rd below.

Running with a toy in each hand.
(4 seconds long at 1.2MB)


More running around and giggling.
(16 seconds long at 4.2MB)


I'm gonna take off running any second.




So much to do, so little time.






Pointing at the ceiling.


Napping after a long afternoon of play.

He is a very sound sleeper as you will see since picking his arm up and letting it drop twice does not wake him.
(37 seconds long at 9.3MB)


June 2006 navigation:
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