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Wehadababyitsaboy - We had a baby, its a boy.

He was 9 pounds 11 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long born at 1:31pm.


Mark's Birth Day Pictures on Sunday December 26, 2004

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Only 18 minutes old.

Still in the nursery at 1:58pm.

Still monitoring his temperature when 34 minutes old.

Mom seeing Mark less than an hour after being born.

Another nursery picture.

Mom and baby are doing fine at 3:45pm.


Cindy, Kelly's mom holding Mark.

Judy and Cindy.

Judy, John's mom holding Mark.

John, Mark, and Kelly all together now.

John's first diaper change.

Did well for my first time.

More pictures of Mark still in the hospital are on the next page.


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